Sand Dreamweave

Amy Kaplan


Dreamweave in Oil on Paper with Hand Poured Resin Finish. Size Medium. 6 IN Internal Weave and 7.5 IN Float Frame. Beige Tones. Aged Frame. Silver.

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Material: Oil on Paper (Beiges)

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Amy Kaplan

Amy submerges herself into the enchanting world of colors, dipping her brushes into crisp light greens and subdued blues to paint ethereal pieces of both naturalistic and abstract art. Subtle movement seeps into her paintings, taking the form of a soft ocean wave or with something as simple as the brushstrokes to reflect the direction of light. “I am drawn to the elemental strength of the land sea and sky; interested in the moments in-between...In my work I try to recreate that space, a place of just being, so that I can see.” In her creation of this precious “in-between” place in her paintings, she weaves paper strips for a homestyle look, bathes a canvas in watercolor to convey a dreamy lightness, and dips her brush in oil and acrylic paints to evoke movement. These techniques blend and interact to create an accessible elegance. Her art holds hidden stories for the beholder and suspends time if just for a moment.

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