Midnight Drop Collar

Sarah Cavender


Drop Collar with Double Ruffles in Knitted Wire. Black with Red-Brown Edges. Size Small. 14 IN. Collar 6 IN x 2 IN. Black Finish Chain.

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Material: Knitted Wire (Red Brown), Knitted-Wire (Black)

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Sarah Cavender

Sarah weaved her way into the world of jewelry and in so doing generated a powerful electric spark. Once Sarah’s passion for tinkering with wires germinated, nothing could stop it from blossoming. She knits wires with care and dedication into abstract and leafy forms. Using only her fine-tuned skills and her innovative imagination, she sculpts earrings, necklaces, and chokers, incorporating wire into each work of art. Her pieces is handmade with materials from the United States and imported stones from Europe. "I endeavor to create jewelry that is a joy to wear and also beautiful to display as an object of art." Her pieces seek to resonate with the wearers on a personal level and the splashes of golds and silvers on subtle ruffles and edges nudge the individual toward a discovery in their own identity.

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