Carnelian Agate Necklace

Pamela Rihani


Necklace in Bronze. Carnelian Agate. Druzy. Garnet. Size Medium. 22 IN. Pendant 1.5 IN x .5 IN.

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Material: Bronze

Gemstone: Druzy (LightOlive), Garnet (RedBrown), Carnelian (Red Orange)

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Pamela Rihani

Pamela harmonizes exoticism and authenticity in her necklaces. Drawing inspiration from Bedouin and Bohemian jewelry, she takes semi-precious stones and antique beads from the Middle East, Thailand, and other fascinating countries into her practiced hands, transforming them into unique pieces radiating with soulful energy. “My pieces carry an energy that is palpable when you hold them...all my pieces tell their own story.” She re-imagines the necklace as an entity that interacts with the beholder. The wearer responds to these interactions, continuing each piece’s story and infusing the piece with their own identity. The necklaces are enticing opportunities to discover both the faraway exotic and the personal self.


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