Amethyst Necklace

Mikhail Zakhalov


Necklace in 14 Karat Yellow Gold Filled. Amethyst. Size Small. 16 IN. Pendant .75 IN x .5 IN.

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Material: Yellow Gold

Gemstone: Amethyst (Deep Lilac)

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Mikhail Zakhalov

Mikhail pours relentless creativity, thoughtfulness, and refined technique into his intricate jewelry. He uses enamel processing and dips his imagination into a diverse palette of colors from subdued aquamarines to iridescent yellows to create enchanting necklaces and earrings. In every piece, he demonstrates the versatility of gemstones, questioning and redefining the limits. Every detail, every edge twinkles with possibility. “It is my New York City retail experience that most helped me understand the diverse needs of the American consumer… [and he] encountered every sort of taste!” Radiating with a soft yet powerful femininity, his pieces add a special touch to any day and wait to be filled with endless memories for the wearer.

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