Floral Headpiece

Savanna Barrett


Headpiece in Silk Roses and Hand Painted Vintage Stamens. Black. Velvet Wrapped Band with Black Calfskin Circlets and Leather Wrapped Ends. One Size. Adjustable. 7.5 IN x 2.2 IN. 


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Material: Leather (Black), Velvet Band (Black), Silk Flowers (Black)

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Savanna Barrett

Savanna cherishes the multiculturalism and versatility of her delicate headpieces, innovating and inspiring with every piece. From a natural, windswept look to a radiant, color-infused splash, her passion for her art blossoms into a variety of styles. With diligence and patience, headpieces emerge through the selection and shaping of feathers which are carefully layered into the band. “I’m fascinated by all the ways feathers can be cut and shaped and layered; eventually the feather becomes just the fabric of a piece and is transformed.” Bold reds, luscious blacks, or soft whites merge with the finest handcrafted silks to whisper precious stories into the beholders’ ears. Whether for a bride on her monumental day or for someone who is just looking to add a special touch to their life, these exotic treasures glow with simple luxury and enliven every memory.

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