Silk Bubble Gauze Scarf

Maria Testa


Scarf in Silk Bubble Gauze. French Silk Dyes. Textured. Cardinal Red and Olive. One Size. 72 IN x 18 IN. 

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Material: Fabric (Cardinal Red), Fabric (Olive)

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Maria Testa

Maria blends colors and textures to create a cohesive flow in her eye-catching, one-of-kind scarves. She hand dyes or hand paints volumous silk organza, soft chiffon, and fine gauze, evoking a passionate elegance to captivate in any occasion or season. “Combining passion for color and texture with my vision of the natural world, I create hand-painted scarves on silk.” She draws from nature and the seasons to imbue her scarves with the elements, depicting the calmness of the sea with murmuring blues or the essence of the earth with soft browns. A multitude of stories hide beneath the layers of each vibrant scarf, waiting for the wearer to discover and continue them.


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